Alison Freeman

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I arrived at Resurrection in September 2017, new to Wheaton and new to Anglicanism. I was a lifelong Christian with a passion for the Body of Christ, but recent experiences had brought me to a point of pain and questioning toward the Church.

On my third Sunday at Resurrection I attended First Step class, where Bishop Stewart shared a message on coming to know “Mother Church.” To my surprise, I found myself weeping. I realized that in order to more forward wholly with the Lord, he wanted to heal my broken relationship with her, the Bride of Christ.

That day was a turning point in my relationship with God and future in ministry. Resurrection’s story of reconciliation after deep congregational fractures gave me hope, and the draw of the sacramental worldview began to re-form my life with the Lord. Since then, God reopened my desire to wholeheartedly serve the church with energy and expectation. My mission is to draw people deeper into the life and health of the Church.

As a Seattle native and proud Pacific Northwesterner, I love the great outdoors, water, elevation change, and Costco. I spend about $1.5 million per year on airfare, and surprisingly, don’t really drink coffee.

Ministry Residency

I joined staff in September 2018 as a Ministry Resident, overseeing logistics for the volunteers that make a Resurrection church service possible. You’d be likely to meet me on a Sunday morning with a clipboard in hand. If you’re interested in serving at Rez, getting in touch with me is a great place to start! I also support communications here at Rez, organizing the production of the weekly bulletin, newsletter, and designing some print publication. My favorite part of working in comm at Rez is collaborating with the many talented artists, designers, and editors in our congregation

Alison depends on support.

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