Addie Gannon

Host Church: Church of the Resurrection

Hub: Wheaton, IL



Growing up in a Christian home, I have loved Jesus and His church for as long as I remember. While I am incredibly thankful for this, I have often felt insecure about not having a perfect testimony and story of transformation. Recently, I have been learning that my testimony to God’s work in my life is not one huge transformation moment, but a hundred small stories of God’s faithfulness where He has whispered His love and drawn me to Himself.

My spiritual journey is intimately connected to my love for community. My faith first became a priority as a result of Christian fellowship at a Bible study with girls from my public high school, but it wasn’t until attending Wheaton College that I understood how deeply my faith is supported and shaped by people. As a recent graduate, moments where I experienced God’s love in conversation with friends, in a crowd of believers worshipping together, and in the local church, are still clearly engraved on my heart. In the short time I have attended Church of the Resurrection, I have seen the power of community to heal and transform lives, as well as developed an appreciation for the sacraments and the theology of worship. My life and faith have been profoundly enhanced by the local church and fellowship with believers, so it has become my passion to foster community where others can be known, loved, and led closer to Jesus.

Ministry Residency

I felt called to pursue formal worship ministry during my junior year at Wheaton College, when I played violin on one of the chapel bands. I was reminded of the importance of communal worship in the church, and the ways it focuses our hearts and minds on God. As Violin Performance major, my classical music training inspired me to think critically about combining musically satisfying melodies and rich harmonies with theologically-sound lyrics. Around the same time, I became passionate about music production and songwriting, and I fell in love with the original music and worshipful congregation at Rez. During my senior year, I volunteered with the worship and tech teams in order to learn more, which affirmed my interest in the Gregory House Residency.

The focus of my residency is worship, specifically all the tech and production that is behind the songs that we sing. In addition to operating sound on Sunday mornings and playing on the music team, I will have the chance to help with various video projects throughout the year and the many audio and visual aspects of Holy Week productions.

I am excited to learn from great musicians and leaders in the church, as well as develop my musical and technical skills. I hope that through this position I can help create meaningful worship experiences for the congregation and learn skills that will be useful in my future vocational work.

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