Tyler Holley

Host Church: Church of the Cross

Hub: Hopkins, MN


I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church as an infant. While I never regularly worshiped in the Catholic church, that was the day I was marked with the Triune name and passed over into the kingdom of light. I really do believe God has been with me ever since. I’ve had moments of profound realization that I belonged to God and have even experienced times of conviction such that I was led to confess my sins, but God has always been with me. Over the years my faith has grown primarily through friends that have pointed me in towards serving God with my life and contemplating his greatness. Without them, I’m not sure I would be here. Additionally, God used his church and the various ministers that I have had throughout my life to direct my steps.

Ministry Residency

I want to learn all that I can from ministry leaders at Church of the Cross. I’ll also be assisting Molly and Christian Ruch with implementing the vision of Gregory House.

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